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Year 2 have been looking at the properties of materials in Science. We have been thinking about why materials are used for a specific purpose.


Today we investigated  “Insulation.”   We tested a range of materials to see which one would keep our cup of tea hot for the longest time.

We covered our cups in different materials to insulate them and made predictions about which would be the best insulator.

We poured the same amount of boiling water into each cup to make it a fair test.  Then we read the temperature of the water using a  thermometer,  to see how the temperature dropped every five minutes.  We drew conclusions about our results and found the best and worst insulators.


We had lots of fun!  Have a look at our photos.

IMG_7909  IMG_7910  IMG_7911  IMG_7912  IMG_7913  IMG_7914

IMG_7915  IMG_7916  IMG_6154  IMG_6153  IMG_6152  IMG_6151