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Science Day

It was science day on Friday and Mexico had a fabulous time exploring volcanoes.

We found out how and why volcanoes erupt and we tried to recreate this reaction using lemons, white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.

IMG_8004 IMG_8007 IMG_8014 IMG_8013IMG_8009 IMG_8012

We had lots of fun, but the eruption wasn’t big enough!

So we used bottles instead of lemons and repeated the experiment.

IMG_8053 IMG_8052IMG_8043 IMG_8042IMG_8041

It still wasn’t big enough so we investigated what would happen if we used cans of diet coke and added menthos sweets instead of baking soda.  When you drop menthos mints into diet cola, the bubbles in the cola want to escape and are pushed up high out of the can.  It does look a lot like larva erupting from a volcano.

IMG_8020 IMG_8023

But this STILL  wasn’t big enough!  So we used large bottles of diet cola and whole packets of menthos.  We investigated how high we could make the coca cola erupt from the bottle, using varying amounts of menthos mints.

We found the best eruption was made using one  full packet of menthos, pushed quickly into the bottle.  It soared to above an amazing 4 metres high.  You have to be very quick and move out of the way, before the cola erupts!

IMG_8030 IMG_8036


Our First Harvest

Friday saw Mexico class harvest their first beans!

IMG_8003  IMG_8002

We grew these beans plants from seeds back in the Spring term and we have watched them grow and grow.  Now they are as tall as our classroom building and full of fresh, green beans.  We may soon have enough for a roast dinner!



Year 2 Visit to Kingsbury Water Park

Year 2 had a fantastic time on Monday at Kingsbury Water Park minibeast hunting!

The weather was kind to us and we enjoyed hunting for all sorts of invertebrates in different habitats within the park.

Have a look at our photos.

Pond Dipping:

IMG_6961  IMG_6962 IMG_6964  IMG_6963  IMG_6989IMG_6969  IMG_6971 IMG_6974  IMG_6975  IMG_6990  IMG_6992  IMG_6994 IMG_6995  IMG_6996 IMG_6997  IMG_6998 IMG_6999  IMG_6971 IMG_6969  IMG_6963IMG_6962  IMG_6998IMG_6997  IMG_6990   IMG_6996  IMG_6995IMG_6991  IMG_6989  IMG_6965  IMG_6961  IMG_6975 IMG_6966 IMG_6987    IMG_7003    IMG_7005  IMG_7004

In The Woodland

IMG_7024 IMG_7018 IMG_7026 IMG_7027  IMG_7033 IMG_7037 IMG_7036 IMG_7047  IMG_7042  IMG_7040IMG_7039 IMG_7051  IMG_7058  IMG_7059IMG_7063  IMG_7067IMG_7046 IMG_7044 IMG_7045

In The Meadow

IMG_7072 IMG_7078 IMG_7071 IMG_7070IMG_7077 IMG_7081 IMG_7083 IMG_7149 IMG_7150 IMG_7157 IMG_7177 IMG_7188 IMG_7189




Year Two have had a great first week, launching their new topic Minibeast Madness!

We leaned the words to “The Ugly Bug Ball” and added musical instrument to build up texture in our piece of music.

We made minibeast hats to wear in our final performance and then recorded our final performance for you to enjoy.  Here it is!

We have begun to find to find out about minibeasts, habitats, life cycles and food chains.  We are looking forward to our trip to Kingsbury Water Park this week, where we shall be minibeast hunting in meadows and woodlands and also looking for watery minibeasts when we pond dip!

We also welcomed some new arrivals to our class this week – Baby caterpillars!

caterpillar 1     caterpillar 2

We shall be watching them grow and change over the coming weeks, studying their life cycles.

They are teeny tiny at the moment, but not for long!



Our Trip To London.

Mexico class enjoyed a fantastic trip to London this week.

We had a great time searching for dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum.

IMG_3127 IMG_3144 IMG_3150 IMG_3157 IMG_3158 IMG_20170314_120827996 IMG_20170314_123616295_BURST000_COVER IMG_20170314_123944997 IMG_20170314_124042254 IMG_20170314_124343849 IMG_20170314_133607362 IMG_3133 IMG_3150

We went on a tour of London and saw some of the sights.

london-eye-600x338  IMG_20170314_142046467  58a658f272355bf58f2176d26e6fc941  172418_londoneye  42239926-london-uk--may-13-2015-a-mounted-trooper-of-the-household-cavalry-on-duty-at-horse-guards-the-soldie[1]

We viewed some of the most famous paintings in the world at the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square.

IMG_8418  IMG_8425  IMG_8426  IMG_8427  IMG_8429IMG_8430  IMG_8431  IMG_8432  IMG_8432  IMG_8436IMG_8437  IMG_8438  IMG_8439

We looked at “A Roman Triumph” painting by Peter Paul Rubens.  We shall be looking at this in more detail at school.


Back at school the next day, we enjoyed drawing some of the dinosaurs that we had seen, on the playground outside.




Mexico Class enjoyed a fabulous Evacuee Day to celebrate the end of a brilliant topic.  All the children dressed up as evacuees for the day, taking part in several different activities.

IMG_8182  IMG_8180  IMG_8175  IMG_8174  IMG_8172

IMG_8171  IMG_8170  IMG_8160  IMG_8159  IMG_8158IMG_8157  IMG_8155  IMG_8202  IMG_8184  IMG_8181IMG_8178  IMG_8177  IMG_8176  IMG_8169  IMG_8168IMG_8167  IMG_8166  IMG_8165  IMG_8164

IMG_8162  IMG_8163

In the afternoon we held a tea party and enjoyed a good old English cup of tea, sandwiches and scones with jam and cream.  But it wasn’t as simple as that!  The children learned about rationing and had to choose the items they wanted for their afternoon tea, with only a small number of ration vouchers.  They had to choose very carefully!

IMG_8200  IMG_8199  IMG_8197