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Just a reminder that it is the maths meeting for KS1 parents tomorrow morning (FRIDAY 9th FEB) in lower school hall. Just in case you were undecided whether to come along or not, here’s a note from one of our parent governors……
My name is Gareth, I’m a parent of two children at Outwoods and I’m also one of the ‘Parent Governors’ of Outwoods, which means I’ve helped to monitor, challenge and support the running of the school over the last 3 years alongside the teaching staff. Each of the governors is also asked to specialise in one key area to make best use of the combined skills we have and I have recently been asked to monitor Maths.
Now here’s the reason for writing to you today: When I was at school I was taught Maths in a particular way which eventually made sense to me at the time but now, as a parent, I’m curious to see how children are taught Maths. I’ve heard all sorts of new names and methods from friends, family members and now from my own children which I don’t recognise but I’m still trying to help them when they have questions after school. I have been in a fortunate position to be able to speak directly to the Maths staff over a long period of time in my Governor role to help me understand how they teach Maths today and to reassure me it’s not too different from when I was taught. In fact this is why we decided to provide an open morning for ALL KS1 parents to come along to the school to be able to ask ANY questions they have about Maths within Outwoods and I would invite as many of you to come as possible.
By coming in you’ll be able to ask any question; no matter how big or small or to simply listen to the Maths teaching staff from Outwoods explain how Maths is taught, why things are taught slightly differently to years ago and importantly how you can join in with your child’s learning without causing you any problems or concerns. This time is mainly to help you
We really do understand that not all people enjoyed Maths at school or that they think they don’t use Maths day to day but we’d like the chance to show you how Maths is taught in a fun, exciting and useful way at Outwoods. So if you’d like to know more about how you can join in with your child’s learning of Maths or simply have ANY question then please do drop in to see us this Friday morning at 9am in the lower school hall (We’ve made sure there is lots of tea and plenty of biscuits too!)
Hope to see you there.