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We love our pets. They help us to learn about animals, how we need to look after them, feed them and keep them clean. They help us develop a sense of responsibility. We take it in turns to look after them. We also find that the animals help us when we feel anxious or upset, they are very good listeners! Buster and Pearl (cheeky rabbits) live in the quad. They love to dig holes, chase the pigeons and try to work out new ways to get into the library! If we leave the door open they will pop into the school for a mooch around and even visit us in classes. Buster loves bananas – but we have to make sure he doesn’t get too many. Pebbles is a ginger guinea pig. He lives with Ziggy the rabbit in year two, they are great friends. Pebbles does not like to be ignored and he will squeal at the top of his voice to get attention. Roger is also a guinea pig -she is actually a girl. She can be quite shy but will make a loud noise when you tempt her with a cabbage leaf or a carrot. She lives in year six but can often be found outside on the grass behind year three. Trevor is our fish. He lives on his own at the moment but we are looking for a new friend for him. He is almost nine years old! We also have some pet visitors that pop in often. Chico the dog listens to readers every week and comes along with Jane to help in the library and Bran the rescue greyhound is a regular visitor to our nurture group (Sparklers).


Pearl in the office. Pebbles says 'Hello' Buster Bunny Pearl. Buster and Pearl choosing books IMG_4465 IMG_4424 RogerRoger