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Goldfinches - Year Three


Sport Relief

We enjoyed taking part in different activities to do our part to raise money for Sport Relief.




We had many visitors over the course of this half term to inspire us about Music and performing. This helped to give us the confidence to perform our own class version of the singing playgrounds song ‘Let me see you bungalow’ It was great fun adding instruments.




In Science we have been learning about how sound travels and we explored how to change the pitch of sounds. Some of us looked at changing the level of water in the same sized bottles, while some of us investigated what happened when we changed the amount of elastic bands on a tub.



Exploring fractions 

In Maths we used different equipment to explore what we knew about fractions and labelled the fractions we could see.




Year 3 had to guess the story from reading the start of our new class book. We soon realised that the main character sounded a lot like Cinderella! We compared her to the main character, Rhodopis and found out the story was called ‘The Egyptian Cinderella’.


Some of us enjoyed acting as the characters from the story to answer questions about their feelings and actions.



To improve our understanding of division we looked at the different ways we could record our working out.




In Maths we have been learning about Money. We enjoyed using the coins to make the same totals in different ways as well as role playing as shop keepers and shoppers.



Our Spring Topic launch – THE EGYPTIANS !

We do enjoy our Topic launches and this half term was no different!                                                                         This time we discovered a bag that belonged to Howard Carter (an archaeologist) who famously discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun.


Puzzle It

In our Puzzle It lesson we enjoyed playing the game mastermind. Some of us were very good at guessing what our partner’s were thinking!



Our Maths lessons – we enjoy working practically and we have used lots of different equipment to help us with our understanding.






Harvest – Year 3 enjoyed taking the lead in the Key Stage 2 Harvest festival, creating some lovely autumn pictures and singing our favourite Harvest song ‘Conkers’.


Eden Francis – We enjoyed getting active when Eden Francis came to visit our school. We took part in a tough bit of circuit training – boy were we tired afterwards!


Shadow puppets – We used our knowledge of light and shadow to create shadow puppets of the characters from our class book ‘The Firework-Maker’s Daughter’.






Sun safety  – We created posters giving tips to people about ways to help them stay safe in the sun. We used our Computing skills to create the posters.




Topic Day

Our first day back was filled with activities to help us to understand our Topic name ‘Conquered’.


Saxon settlements

We enjoyed learning about how the Saxons created their houses. We recreated a Saxon settlement as part of our Forest Schools work.



Trip to Brandon Marsh

Our trip to Brandon Marsh was good fun. We explored the great outdoors, including investigating rocks, leaves and trees.




During our Puzzle IT lesson Friday, we investigated the numbers 2 and 9.

We were using resources to represent numbers in lots of different ways.

We played the Strike it out game.  We used our mental calculating skills to help us play the game.  We had to create calculations using the numbers from 1-20.  Once the number had gone, it couldn’t be used again.  We tried to pick numbers to block our partner and stop them from winning.








Topic Launch Day 

When we came back from Half term we found a string trail leading to a room filled with different types of lights. We found out our new Topic was called Burning Bright and our class book would be ‘The Firework-Maker’s Daughter’.

Freeze frames

In English we have been writing diary entries. In order to help us plan our writing, we recalled the events of the story and acted out what had happened to the main character, Lila.


Play scripts

We enjoyed reading and acting out play scripts.


Investigating Other Countries

We set up the classroom as factories from different countries: UK, Germany, USA and China. We learnt how the systems worked and what it was like to work in a production line. China made the most fireworks in their factory whereas the UK made the least because they had to spend time sending away for materials






Egyptian visitor


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