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Goldfinches - Year Three


Topic Day

Our first day back was filled with activities to help us to understand our Topic name ‘Conquered’.


Saxon settlements

We enjoyed learning about how the Saxons created their houses. We recreated a Saxon settlement as part of our Forest Schools work.



Trip to Brandon Marsh

Our trip to Brandon Marsh was good fun. We explored the great outdoors, including investigating rocks, leaves and trees.




During our Puzzle IT lesson Friday, we investigated the numbers 2 and 9.

We were using resources to represent numbers in lots of different ways.

We played the Strike it out game.  We used our mental calculating skills to help us play the game.  We had to create calculations using the numbers from 1-20.  Once the number had gone, it couldn’t be used again.  We tried to pick numbers to block our partner and stop them from winning.







Drama – While reading ‘How to Train Your Dragon’, we created Hiccup’s journey through the cave to help us write about it.


Egyptian visitor


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