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Foxes - Year Four


World Book Day 2018


Battle of the Bands!

To launch our new topic – Battle of the Bands – we had special guests in to play for us and the children had a great time clapping and dancing!

Turns out we have a rock star of our own in Year 4!
We are very proud of you, Ava!


ICT Fun with the Foxes

Here are some powerpoints that the children have made in the last two weeks during our computing lessons. They were allowed to choose their own Egyptian topic to research and present.

PYRAMIDS! by Evan and Leo

Precious objects by Sophie and Jayden

Mabel+Lucie‘s EGYPTIAN FOOD by Riley and Jack


Egyptian Day

We had an amazing time when we had a special Egyptian visitor into  school for our Egyptian day.







Mummy Madness !  18.1.18

We have had a great couple of days finding out about Egyptian mummies.

Come in and see our amazing topic and art work in our class share time at the end of the month.


Sherwood Forest Letter 2018


Puzzle It !    12.1.18

During our Puzzle It maths lesson on Friday, we explored the numbers 2 and 9.

We decided to make a video that will help other children with their 9 times table.  Here it is!


Lila’s Extreme Climb

Foxes class went on a very long journey………


Life In Other Countries

Foxes class have been thinking about how life is different for people in other countries by exploring working conditions around the world.

Have at look at some of our photos to see what we got upto.

Here is what we found out:

  • Investigating Industry across the world
  • The UK produced the best product and made the most money. China had the most workers but they earnt the least amount of money. The production manager in China, earnt many times more than his workers. In the USA and Germany they made about the same amount of money as each other, even though there were more workers in the USA.
  • What were conditions like in each country?
    The workers in the UK, Germany and USA had the most breaks and were less stressed than the Chinese workers. In China the factory was open every day of the year and the workers had no time off. They were unhappy and paid low wages. On the other hand, the production manager made a lot of money and did no work!
  • What have we learnt?
    We have realised how hard conditions are in other countries and how hard some people work. We think that it was unfair of the Chinese manager to keep all the money that his workers had made. The workers in the UK enjoyed their bank holidays and had good working conditions. We would not want to work in China! It made us realise we should think about life for other people across the world.


The Talented Foxes   24/11/17

On Friday the children in Foxes class were sharing their talents as part of our ‘Share the Happiness’ experiences.

PicCollage 5      PicCollage 4      PicCollage 3 

PicCollage 2      PicCollage 1

What a talented and entertaining class we are!