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In May, at the end of a very busy and hard working week (SATS) we met a retired astronaut called Michael Foale. It was fascinating and we listened intently while he shared stories with us. We got the opportunity to ask lots of questions and everyone agreed that is was inspirational .

Michael Foale Retired Astronaut


We really enjoyed our topic on The Mayans. Our homework challenge was to make a model of a Mayan temple. One person even made one out of cake (which was delicious by the way)!


The ‘Road Safety Roadshow’ came to Outwoods. We thoroughly enjoyed the performance and heard  some valuable messages about keeping ourselves safe. We got the chance to break into groups for discussion.


The school grounds and the nearby Outwoods are great places to explore, especially when we are looking for ideas for writing or when we want to immerse ourselves in an environment that will help us create mood and atmosphere in our writing.


We have been discussing many issues that are important to us and used this to write and share discussion texts. We have presented our views to others and backed them up with a mixture of fact and opinion.

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In Year Six we have been working hard on our writing. We have enjoyed reading some quality books and using some of the techniques that authors use to make our writing better. Reading our work to partners helps us to think about the language we use and is also a good tool for helping us to edit the grammar and punctuation.


Denmark Class enjoying their Google Expeditions experience.