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Fun in the Sun!

Nursery Summertime fun

A visit to the farm

We had a lovely day at Ash End House Children’s Farm. The children were lucky to be able to feed and pet some of the animals. We sang some songs, collected an egg from the chickens and had lunch in a barn. Before we left we had a little play in the park on the swings, the tractor and slide. On the journey back, some children were so tired they fell asleep! Enjoy your egg!

Down on the farm

Take One Picture

The children helped to create a ‘CAPARISON’ which is a decorative blanket for an elephant. They were inspired by a painting called ‘ Roman Triumph’ by Peter Rubens from about 1630. This painting is displayed at the National Gallery in London. The children began with a blank piece of calico fabric and designed their own interpretation. I think it’s wonderful. Look for it displayed in nursery. Well done, children.

Take one picture Take one picture 2


Fun and learning in the Nursery 

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Take a look at our wonderful drawings.

drawing 4 drawing drawing2EGEBHABSienna




Chinese New Year

We enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year. It’s the year of the rooster.



We like to get outside every day, rain or shine!

We like to get outside every day, rain or shine!