Atherstone, CV9 1EH

01827 712372
We are looking forward to the carnival on Thursday. If your child’s costume is hot or uncomfortable, they can wear shorts and t-shirts to school. This doesn’t have to be school uniform. Please cover them in suncream and send them with a hat!
We are walking down to the market square from about 1:00. Nursery are setting off a little earlier at 12:45. The younger classes (Nursery to year 2) would appreciate it if some parents could volunteer to walk down from school with them.
If you would like to meet us in the market square at 1:30 to hear us sing please do so! It will be lovely.
We will be back at school at 2:30 and there will be even more singing (in a shady spot on the little playground).
Children will go back into class with their teacher just before 3pm and then be dismissed as normal from their regular door.
The Summer Fair will then take place on the playground and the field. Please stay to have a go on the games and activities and stop at the barbecue or for a cuppa or icecream. 🙂
All funds raised will go to school fund and be spent on your children.
Thank you!