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Atherstone Riddle Treasure Hunt

In celebration of the Women’s Cycling Tour coming to Atherstone on the 15th June, the Community Development Team at NWBC have put together a riddle treasure hunt. This is a family aimed activity that hopes to increase awareness of local businesses in Atherstone once each of the ten riddles have been decoded. The treasure hunt …read more

Royal Wedding Party

Just a reminder that we are having a Royal Wedding Party next Friday – May 18th. Children can come to school in red white and blue or party clothes. Shirts and ties and floppy hats are encouraged! We will be having a picnic lunch on the field (parents have been invited for the picnic) and …read more

Sherwood Forest Residential

If you have a child going on the year four residential to Sherwood Forest you should have had an email today with four attachments. If you want paper copies please call at the office. Here is a copy of the presentation and letters from the meeting on Wednesday. If you have any questions, just ask …read more

Back to School Monday 16th April

I hope everyone is enjoying the Easter break, even though the weather hasn’t been too kind! We are back at school next Monday (16th April). On Monday (16th) YEAR TWO will be having a special launch of their new topic. Although it is top secret we would like to ask YEAR TWO children to bring …read more

Singing Playgrounds Big Sing

Our children and staff involved in the singing playgrounds ‘Big Sing’ will be leaving school around 1:30pm tomorrow. I am sure it will be BRILLIANT! Children will need a packed lunch for their tea and an extra snack and drink. Children will be transported back to school (estimated time at school about 7:45 – 8pm) …read more

Message for Year Two parents.

Here’s a message from the year two teachers (sorry we couldn’t give more notice, but it’s been tricky fitting everything in!) Outwoods Great British Bake Off- YEAR TWO After the snow day that left our Great British Bake off cancelled, we have rescheduled our awards presentation to Thursday 22nd March 2018 at 2.15pm in Lower …read more

Newsletter out today

Good morning everyone! Here is a copy of the latest newsletter. Please note the list of dates has been updated so take the old one off the fridge and put the new one on! Paper copies of the newsletter can be collected from the office. Newsletter 16th March 2018

Non-uniform day Friday March 9th

We are having a non-uniform day on Friday March 9th. We are asking for donations of either Easter Eggs or chocolate for our Easter Bingo and the raffle. Thank you in anticipation of your support.

Monday March 5th

The plan at the moment is that school will be OPEN tomorrow – Monday March 5th. It is still very snowy around the site but it is melting fast. Children should wear wellies if possible and bring a change of socks and shoes (just in case). COME STRAIGHT IN AND DO NOT WAIT ON THE …read more