Atherstone, CV9 1EH

01827 712372

The school office is open from 8:30am, all day during school hours, and for a short period after school is finished each day. Our office staff are there to help you and work very hard for you and your children. There are two offices. The upper school office deals with general enquiries, school uniform and should you wish to speak to a member of the teaching staff, Mrs Brookes will arrange this for you. The lower school office also deals with telephone enquiries.

Mrs. Karen Johnson – Bursar (lower school office)
Mrs. Ruth Brookes –  Office Manager (upper school office)
Mrs Beverley Dandy- Head teacher
The school telephone number is 01827 712372
For enquiries please contact the school office by telephone, in person or by email on
If you wish to speak to the head teacher, please make an appointment or send an email to